“I grew up in northern California in a little town called Redwood Valley. Just north of us were the giant redwoods. Redwood trees have very shallow roots. They withstand the wind by spreading out and intertwining roots and they hold each other up. What a perfect picture of fellowship! We spread out, we intertwine, and we hold each other up. That’s what the Purpose Driven Small Group Network can do for you.” Rick Warren

Welcome to the Purpose Driven Small Group Network

The reason for the network is threefold:

  1. To build relationships.  We want to make sure that nobody doing Small Group Ministry stands alone!  Too often we meet people at conferences who are on their last leg in ministry because the enemy has isolated them.  We know that when we have others around us doing similar ministry we can go farther.  It is through this Network we can pour into you so you can serve others in your area.
  2. To share ideas.  We all have great ideas.  The problem is we don’t have a way to share them with the masses.  We want to help Small Group Point People do their ministry better through an exchange of ideas and resources.
  3. To help us be intentional.  On the white board in our offices is a saying, “Vision without implementation is hallucination.”  Unless we stay focused with the task at hand, we will do a lot of stuff, but in general miss the ministry God specifically called us to do.  We have found that through someone being in our life and looking at our plans, we are more effective for the Kingdom than when we are on our own.  By doing a couple of Huddles between Saddleback small group conferences, we can help each other be more intentional with what God has called us to.  As you attend Huddles and build your personal network, you will be more effective as a Small Group Point Person at your church.

We accomplish this through…

  • Connecting you with hundreds of other Small Group Point People
  • Huddles of Small Group Point People in a location near your home
  • Monthly PDSG Network Newsletter, click here to join.
  • PDSG Network website
  • Special gatherings at small group conferences, click here.
  • Sharing ideas on how you can build healthy and balanced small groups
  • Sharing information on training, small group materials, campaigns, and more!

There is no cost to join.  This is truly a labor of love.  Our passion is helping you to develop healthy groups.  Our desire is to connect you to other Small Group Point People – so that nobody stands alone.  Join us!

Steve Gladen
Pastor of the Small Group Community
Saddleback Church

“If it weren’t for the leaders God placed in my life, I would not be able to invest in the lives of leaders around the world the way I do today. I cannot stress the importance of learning from other leaders for your life and ministry. Saddleback’s Small Group Network creates the ideal opportunity for you, as a leader in small group ministry, to grow and make a greater impact than you would have if you had tried to go at it alone. ”  John C. Maxwell – Author, Speaker and Founder – INJOY Stewardship Services and EQUIP

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