Are People in Your Church Hurting?

by Pastor Steve Gladen

Read the news. Every day in every city around the world, hurts, hang-ups and habits are the secret and sometimes not-so-secret ways that the enemy uses to try to defeat both believers and non-believers. These are the wounds that Life's Healing Choices continue to infect even the most healthy-appearing people. Despite the appearance of health and vitality on the outside, these “issues” continue to fester and sicken, weakening the church and the community from the inside.

Jesus gave us one of the most effective teachings on the topic of personal spiritual healing and renewal in the Beatitudes.

This fall, your church can join Rick Warren and Saddleback Church in the path of freedom from hurts, hang-ups and habits in a brand-new, 8-week church-wide spiritual growth campaign called Life’s Healing Choices.  This experience will transform your church and begin to transform your community. I invite you to suggest that your church take this 8-week journey on the Biblical road to total spiritual renewal for every member of your community.


  • People in your church and your community will discover how to get freedom from their hurts, hang-ups, & habits
  • This is a great outreach opportunity
  • Grow more small groups
  • Great spiritual growth for participants
  • Another way your church will be seen by the community as relevant and important
  • For more people to come to church
  • For more people to get into small groups

 The Life’s Healing Choices campaign delivers complete, ready-to-use resources with an online access pass. For more information please visit the Life’s Healing Choices website.

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