Small Group Study Ideas – July 2009


god+artsGod + the Arts series

Where faith intersects life.

There is a reason great movies stir our soul and kindle something deep within us. What is it about these powerful stories that make us weep, make us laugh, and make our hearts come alive? Is it not that these stories borrow from The Story. It is no accident that great movies include a hero, a villain, a betrayal, a battle to fight, and a rescue. It is The Epic Story. Great movies speak to us because they are echoes of the larger story, and story is the language of the heart. It was through story that Jesus captured peoples’ hearts and illuminated truth, and it is through story that He speaks still.

This growing line of small group studies will help you see something greater in movie epics of stage and great music from the past and present. Some of the books in this series feature “dinner and a movie” nights. Guided gatherings give you outlets for discussing the core truths inside the film and songs, uncovering worldviews, and providing a new way to watch movies and listen to songs.

Titles: (click on a title for more information)

soulcafeSoul Café series

A Guide to spiritual conversations.

Millions of spiritual sojourners don’t yet connect with church or see it as the epicenter of their spiritual adventure. In fact, a dorm room, a café, or a coffee house can become the processing plant that leads to weighty, group-dynamic discussions of spirituality, truth, and matters of the heart. Soul Café is series of open-ended conversations developed to drive you deeper into the story God is revealing. Soul Café is not a place for being comfortable or indifferent. It’s personal. Penetrating. Raw. The conversation demands something from you. It isn’t for the religiously refined; rather it’s much better suited for spiritual barbarians.

Titles: (click on a title for more information)


morestudiesMORE series

More depth. More meaning. More life.

Ever felt like there’s something in Bible study that others are getting but you’re not? The more they carve and dig and analyze, the more lost you feel, the more distant and mysterious the big picture remains. But what if there was a way to put the pieces of Scripture together so that each slice seemed to be a part of a single story? What if you could see the individual books and chapters united by common threads, held together by context and connections, an amazing meshing of God-inspired purpose extending far beyond time in both directions? You’d not only find the “more” in your Bible study, but more in your relationship with God, with each other, and with each day’s experience of life. You’d enter the real adventure, and find something about it that you never saw before. Something MORE.


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