Small Group Studies – August 2009

August 4, 2009


Southwest Community Church of Indian Wells, California has some small group studies that they would like to donate to another church for the cost of shipping– ideally a smaller church with little or no small group budget.

 “We have an excess of curriculum that we would like to donate to a smaller church for the cost of shipping.  I have an abundance of the Contagious Christian, the MADE study (DVD, study guide, and devotional, which we did for our spiritual growth campaign), the Book of James, Developing a Faith that Works, by Rick Warren, both volumes.  Great studies, we just do not have the room to store them.  We are working on a lending library with only 2 copies of each study and since we no longer sell the curriculum ourselves we need to get rid of the extras that we have.”

If you are interested, please email Deborah Sterud –


REGROUPnewsletter regroup

In this novel approach, Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue, and John Townsend have created a small group study that simultaneously trains leader and small group members. DVD based, the study uses small group vignettes to show both desired and undesirable small group behavior. When I first began reviewing this material, my thought was that it might be better suited for relatively new groups. However, while watching one vignette of a small group member texting during a small group meeting (undesirable behavior, just in case you don’t know), I had to admit that I have been guilty of such behavior. Have members who continually show up late? Have members who never stop talking? ReGroup gives you the opportunity to show them how such behavior affects the entire group. After watching the vignettes, group members then have the opportunity to discuss topics such as active listening, giving and receiving feedback, group prayer, calling out the best in others, and more.

A great tool for new groups, and also for those of us who might need a gentle reminder on the subtle art of fellowship.