Resources For You – August 2009

GREAT WEBSITES TO CHECK OUT!    A wonderful new website that allows you to listen to music and encouragement live from your computer! Go to the website and click on either “PC” or “MAC” in the “Listen Now” box and you will be connected immediately. It is that simple. The Purpose Driven Radio Connection is a connecting point for you to the global Christian community and the church. You’ll find a welcoming safe place to be encouraged throughout the day. Tune in daily for uplifting Music, Messages and More.     This is a great website full of a variety of small group resources. It is slanted more toward the Small Group Leader than the Small Group Point Person. In fact, you might just want to send this one to all of your small group leaders. One of the nicer features of the website is that it allows you to preview small group studies by watching short video clips.    A free service for reading and researching Scripture online in various languages and translations. Searches can be based on keywords or verse. Reading plans and additional resources such as audio bibles and commentaries are also available on this site. A great tool when you need to quickly look up a verse. Put a link on your desktop!    Online software to track your small group ministry. Allows your church members to directly browse and join groups. Also, facilitates communication between group members, group leaders, and the Small Group Point Person. Go to the website for a 30 day free trial.    A good source of information, both for the Small Group Leader and the Small Group Point Person. A nice feature is free downloads of songs and bible studies. This site includes various articles on a wide range of topics. You are sure to find something of interest to you here.

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