Small Group Studies: September 2009

Health Care Reform For Your Small Group
 by Tonja Ward

fitatudes logoAmerican health is declining faster than the economy.  What’s the solution – another savvy health trend, health care reform, another diet book?

We often ask ourselves how we are going to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases that plague our families.  We are wives, husbands, mommies, daddies, career men and women, board members and teachers striving to remain fit … we work, play, cook, clean, taxi, pack lunches, keep a budget for our time, money and food, work.  Whew!

We are sure you can relate.  We’ve followed what the world says about food … eat this – not that, count points – do low carb/no carb.  In the end we experienced utter confusion! 

How about you? 

We found true peace and direction in our spiritual lives – through praying, reading our bibles and meeting with fellow believers.  Then a light bulb went off – we serve a God who says “All things are possible through Christ!”  

We realized an ever deeper secret to wellness and turning over a new leaf – it’s a change of attitude to “Eat to Live, Live to Worship and get Full on the Word” … We call it The 9 FITatudes.  

We used the Beatitudes as a model for The 9 FITatudes to identify essential components of the attitude needed to enjoy a High Performance Lifestyle.  We found we must work together to bring about this lifestyle change.  That’s why the FIT in FITatudes stand for “Feeling Inspired Together.” 

With the FITatudes, your small group can journey to wellness together – not through health care reform or another diet book.  Instead, the focus will be on Christ to make our paths straight!  Doesn’t that make sense?
The 9 FITatudes Small Group 12 week Curriculum will allow you to:

  • Connect the Word with wellness
  • Learn how God’s Word can place your focus on Him and less on food
  • Gain Biblical wisdom for your food and lifestyle choices
  • Experience a season of change from the inside out
  • And know that “You are not Alone” in your wellness walk

 Science finally caught up with what we have known for years in reading our bibles.  We are relational beings “birds of a feather flock together.”  You are already in a small group so why not flock together for health and wellness too? 

We realize that 12 weeks may seem a bit daunting so here’s how you can start taking “baby-steps.”  Check out our free Essential Foods and Nourishing ‘Snacks’ that you can start using today. These are “snacks” that will feed the body and the soul.

 Next, give your group a “warm up” with our free e-book gift Just Tell Me What to Eat.  Get to know the 9 FITatudes and their scriptures TOGETHER at your next small group meeting. Set some goals TOGETHER as a small group and let God lead your journey to wellness.  Download it at

Tonja Ward is the health editor for Houston Style Magazine and is a health counselor and fitness professional. She also teaches children’s ministry in the Greater Houston Church, and serves on the advisory board for the Center for Research on Minority Health at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. She developed Fitatudes with Diana Patton.

Diana Patton is an inspirational speaker and certified Health Counselor. She contributes a monthly article to Toledo’s newspaper, Soujouner’s Truth.

Tonja Ward and Diana PattonJust go to our website for free downloads!

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