Small Group Studies: October 2009


Formation: Building a Reliable Foundation

The first release in the new Small Group Life series from LifeWay Small Groups, formation coverFormation: Building a Reliable Foundation, is now available! 

From General Editor, Steve Gladen, Formation draws from the best small-group principles and practices in leading group members in a study of pillars of formation—mystery, purpose, the efforts of the enemy, atonement, community, and redemption. Participants will realize that because we are spiritual beings, we are always being spiritually formed. Employing a discovery Bible study approach, each episode of Small Group Life includes 6 topics, 6 missional challenges, free enrichment video downloads, and free children’s Bible study ideas that address the same topics as the adult experiences. There is a “2nd Take” written for each topic for groups wanting more than a 6-week study. 

Small Group Life will incorporate the new Connect-Grow-Serve-Go designations into each small-group experience. Groups will participate in a warm-up, called CONNECT, designed to get members talking, involved in the conversation, and engaged in specific topics. CONNECT is followed by GROW, the heart of each Small Group Life experience. GROW is the primary vehicle for Bible study and includes basic doctrines, discussion questions, and embedded leader notes to help with facilitation. Each topic also includes a SERVE/GO missional challenge. 

As a response to the expressed needs in the small-group community, Small Group Life series is affordably priced and streamlined for ease-of-use and minimum preparation for both the group facilitator and group member. The SERVE/GO challenges get groups out into the communities  for ministry, leadership, and service opportunities. Small Group Life also has a 3-year continuity plan to help those small-group churches looking for an alternative to the “a-la-carte” approach to small-group curriculum and Bible study.  

  • Affordable – Introductory $3.50 through direct channels, $5.95 retail
  • Continuity – 3-year plan allows leaders to ensure groups are engaging Scripture
  • Streamlined – Easy preparation and discovery Bible study method
  • Customizable – Available by download ($30 per group/unlimited copies). Content may be modified or customized to include church logo or make content more suitable for church or group culture.
  • Flexible – SGL utilizes a 6-lesson study that has a going deeper section at the end of each lesson enabling weekly groups to have a 12-week resource.
  • Kid Friendly – Children’s Bible study activities available as free downloads to Small Group Life users.
  • Host Driven – Conversation driven with leader notes embedded in each study so groups need only a host or facilitator for the study as opposed to an expert leader.
  • Missional – Challenging groups to engage their culture through missional activities is part of the Small Group Life DNA. 

Order by visiting or by calling 800-458-2772. 

Future releases:

Formation: Building a Reliable Foundation

Mission: Invitation to the Adventure of Life

Freedom: Freedom Was Enough

Barbarians: A Call Into Unchartered Faith

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