Save the Date! “Community U” Coming to You!


Small Group Conference dates have been set for 2010 and Steve Gladen and the Small Groups Team are hitting the road again!  MCj04348040000[1]

A new conference, Community U: Connecting Your People to Your Church and Your Community will show you how to take community to a deeper and wider level. You will experience two intense days of teaching, learning, and growing in an innovative format that will help you to create powerful plans that you can integrate into your church.

The first day, Friday, is aimed at Small Group Point People

Two courses are available:


This is for those of you who are in the initial stages. You are thinking about adding small groups, you have recently added small groups, or your small group ministry isn’t producing the results you had hoped for. Join Saddleback Pastor Steve Gladen as he teaches the “undergrad” course in Community U.

  • Learn the strategy behind Saddleback small groups and how we intentionally integrate the five purposes of fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship into every small group.
  • Learn how small groups can:
  1. Revolutionize your church’s overall strategy and vision by reinforcing your teaching while building up the body.
  2. Better connect every person in your church into the body
  3. Disciple people
  4. Mobilize people to service
  5. Help reach your community
  6. Expand your church’s worship experience


This is the “graduate” level course. You have attended previous Saddleback Small Group Conferences. You’ve learned, you’ve implemented, and you’ve grown – now it’s time to kick it into a higher gear. Seasoned small group pastors will lead informative discussions on how to get from where you are to where God wants your ministry to grow. The Advanced Leadership Track session tackles subjects like:

  • How to grow from a plateau
  • Spiking new life in a tired relationship team
  • Aligning the ministries of your church for small group growth
  • Rebuilding infrastructure that works
  • Think Tank sessions with other Small Group Point People and PDSG Network leaders for direct exchange of encouragement, information, and resources

This is a highly interactive iron-on-iron sharpening. You’ll go back to your church having worked on the toughest issues with others who are in the trenches. No theory, no concept, just straight forward breakthrough thinking with other Small Group Point Leaders from around the country.

The second day, Saturday, is aimed at both Small Group Point People and their Small Group Leaders. Bring all of your Small Group Leaders for inspiration and instruction. Make it a time of connecting with one another. You could even make this your Small Group Gathering for the year!

Saturday brings more top teaching in two tracks – Advanced and Small Group Leading. This will be accomplished through:

  • General Sessions. All attendees meet together for great opening and closing sessions of worship, teaching, and inspiration.
  • Workshop Sessions. Small Group Point People will participate in innovative sessions that add additional teaching to prepare you for returning to your churches ready to roll! Small Group Leaders will get the benefit of the wit, wisdom, and amazing teach of Lyman Coleman, the foremost trainer of small group community in the world. Your leaders will leave with great new skills for forming and bonding their groups into vital, biblical, purposeful community.

COMMUNITY U AVAILABLE IN EIGHT LOCATIONS IN 2010!  In addition to seven two-day conferences (see below), we will also be at the Purpose Driven Conference at Lake Forest – a unique “ten in one” conference experience. 

PURPOSE DRIVEN CONFERENCE         Feb 9-12    Lake Forest, Saddleback Campus  [click here for info]

For the first time ever, this year’s Purpose Driven Conference is really ten conferences in one! Now you can bring your entire church team for individual learning experiences. This is a unique hands-on conference that will build and inspire each member of your team. Rick Warren, the Saddleback Team, and leading national pastors will challenge, develop, and expand your vision to be a moving force for God, not only in your church, but also in your community.

  • Purpose Driven Church & The P E A C E Plan
  • Preaching for Life Change
  • Purpose Driven Youth Ministries
  • Purpose Driven Children’s Ministries
  • Purpose Driven Small Groups
  • Worship
  • Leading Through Change
  • Developing Emotionally Healthy Leadership
  • HIV/AIDS/Orphan Care
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Also a featured conference: Life as a Pastor’s Wife

TWO DAY “COMMUNITY U” CONFERENCES: [click here for info]

Nashville, TN            April 16/17    Life Point (Smyrna)

Milwaukee, WI         May 21/22    Parkway Church (Oak Creek)

Los Angeles, CA       July 16/17     Mariners Church (Irvine)

St. Louis, MO           Aug. 20/21   Calvary Church (St. Peters)

Seattle, WA             Sept. 24/25   Washington Cathedral (Redmond)

Washington, D.C.    Oct. 15/16     Grace Community Church (Fulton)

Miami, FL                Nov. 4/5       Christ Fellowship Church (W. Palm Beach)

We have created a low-cost high impact conference, and we are bringing it to a location near you. Hope to see you there!

 “Small groups are the most effective way of closing the back door of your church. We never worry about losing people who are connected to a small group” Rick Warren

2 Responses to Save the Date! “Community U” Coming to You!

  1. Ames Pittman says:

    We would love to take our Church to West Palm to this two day confrence. Please email details for we are doing our 2010 year activities planing now.

  2. Could you keep me posted on the detail of the two day Community U stuff/

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