Resources For You – November 2009


Need a quick, easy, and FREE way to share documents with others? Google docs is the answer. You can share word documents, spreadsheets, etc. with other viewers – no matter where they are located. Viewers can edit or change the documents, or you can control the changes by only allowing them to “view”. Collaborating on a project for the church? Google docs makes it easy to create and share your work online.

  • Upload from and save to your desktop
  • Edit anytime, from anywhere
  • Pick who can access your documents
  • Share changes in real time
  • Files are stored securely online

Check it out at

Need to do have a FREE face-to-face discussion with someone across the country? Skype allows you to use your computer to have a video call with someone else.  All you need is a small camera hooked to your computer (if your computer does not already have one built-in). Excellent cameras can be bought for less than eighty dollars. Great for demonstrations and presentations – all within the comfort of your home or office. This is a great tool not only for professional use, but for personal use as well. Is your son or daughter attending college in another state? Why settle for a phone call when you can see each other while you chat? If you have a laptop Skype will be portable and you can place your laptop on the dining room table and, literally, eat lunch together and chat during the meal. Have a grandchild across the country? Grandma and Grandpa are as close as a computer screen with Skype. Hear baby’s first words, and see baby’s first steps! Why settle for just photos when you can see your loved ones?

Check it out at

Need to have a FREE conference call with many participants? Need to talk to several people on the phone at the same time? will allow you to do just that. Using a telephone, all you need to do is set up your time and date and send that information to the partipants. They call in and enter the passcode and you are all talking to each other. Very convenient when you want to make a quick three party phone call.

Check it out at


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