Small Group Studies: November 2009


Beth Moore studies for women. A great way to start Womens’ small groups!

Wanting to start small groups for women in your church? Using Beth Moore studies is a wonderful way to begin buidling relationships and give women the taste of what small group life can be.

Typically, women meet at your church once per week for about two hours for ten weeks. During the first week, they all gather together, collect their books, and watch an introductory video. During the subsequent weeks, they divide into pre-arranged groups and go to separate areas of your building. You do not need a large church to do this. The individual groups could meet in various areas of your building – the foyer, a children’s area, the worship center, a youth room, etc. All that they need is a place to sit and talk. During the first half of the session, the women gather together and discuss their “homework” for the previous week. This homework consists of daily reading from a workbook and the Bible and answering questions from Moore. Participants usually spend about half an hour to forty-five minutes completing the homework for each of the five sessions found in every week’s study. The questions are thought-provoking and inevitably lead to greater discussions and personal sharing.

In fact, the study sessions can be quite time consuming, and inevitably someone will not finish their homework, and as a result, will not show up for the study. You need to notify the women of this possiblity ahead of time. Give them some grace on the homework, and encourage them to attend, whether they have finished the homework or not. The real growth will occur during the sessions as relationships begin to evolve.

During the second half of the session, all of the women meet together in one room and watch the accompanying video session done by Moore – often from different locations around the world that correspond with the study. During Breaking Free, a study on breaking free from the bondage of sin, much of the video was taped in the southern United States on the grounds of a plantation. During Jesus The One and Only, much of the video was taped in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. This pattern is repeated, half the session discussing the homework and the remaining half watching the video, for the remaining weeks.

If your women are doing a ten week study, by week eight or ten you want to start planting the seed that they can continue as a small groups in their homes if they would like to. You then need to have another study ready for them to begin right away. Start promoting that study during weeks 8, 9, and 10. Let them know that a small group is exactly what they have already been doing. The difference is they will have a more flexible schedule and will be able to set their meeting day, time, and location (ideally in various members’ homes).

Check out all of Beth Moore’s studies here. You will need a Leader’s Guide, DVD, and one workbook for each participant.

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