Top Ten Reasons You Should Join the PDSGN

FREE !!!


10. There is no membership fee! The Purpose Driven Small Group Network is absolutely free.!

9. You will build relationships with your peers – thousands of other Lead Pastors and Small Group Point People across North America. No one doing small group ministry should ever stand alone.

8. You will have access to a wealth of information and resources through our enewsletter, our upcoming website, and through meeting with your peers in “huddles” at locations near you. A short drive in the car and you will  be meeting with your peers near your location.

7. You will have a source of encouragement and support between small group conferences. In these tough economic times, many churches have reduced or eliminated budgets for travel and conferences. The PDSGN is your opportunity to “stay in the loop”.

6. You will have access to thousands of other Pastors and Small Group Point People through our regular monthly column, Ask The Network. Have a question about small group ministry? Here is your chance to ask it.


5. You will have access to our job listings in the montly enewsletter. Looking for a job or want to post a job? Members have access to do so, giving them an audience of thousands.

4. You will hear the latest and greatest on small group strategy from our many PDSGN leaders – who come from a variety of denominations and from churches varying in size from under 100 members to 20,000 + members. The PDSGN is full of leaders in the field of small group ministry. These are people in the trenches – leading small group ministries and writing about small groups.

3. You will have opportunities to gather with other PDSGN members during all of Saddleback’s Small Group Conferences at various locatons across the country. Meet with other members in your geographic area as we bring the conference to you!

2. Regular huddles at locations near you, as well as Think Tanks during conferences, provide you with the opportunity to get real world advice from fellow small group practioners. Get the scoop on how other leaders are dealing with typical problems, what small group curriculum they are using, and how they are using the campaign strategy in their churches.

1. As a “special” gift to you, Steve Gladen has agreed to shovel the snow off the driveways of all PDSGN members*! Won’t your friends and neigbors be jealous as Steve shows up at your house to provide this personal service!


* Steve Gladen snow shoveling offer only good during the month of July and in the southern sections of California and Florida

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