The 411 on the PDSGN

WHO: Thousands of Small Group Point People, Lead Pastors, and Lay Pastors responsible for the Small Group Ministry of their church. We are multi-denominational and composed of churches of varying sizes – from less than 100 members in size to churches with over 20,000 members.

WHAT: A free network of Small Group Point People who meet in “huddles”. Huddles are informal gatherings “in between” small group conferences, or in today’s economy with so many budget cutbacks, in lieu of a small group conference. Many of you reading this article will not be able to attend a conference in 2010. This is your chance to join other Small Group Ministry leaders in a location near you. They meet informally in churches, restaurants, and coffee houses to discuss what is going well, what isn’t going so well, and what is next. Want to know what small curriculum is great and what small group curriculum isn’t worth your money? Here is your chance to ask your peers in the field.

WHERE: In thousands of locations across North America.

WHY: So that no one doing Small Group Ministry stands alone. To help you build relationships, receive and give encouragement and support, and share resources. Because we want you to still be in ministry this time next year, and the next, and the next…

WHEN: Huddles, typically lasting 2-4 hours, are usually held once or twice a year, but in some locations they are so popular that the members are meeting every month, or even weekly!

HOW: Click here and join!

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