Small Group Studies: December 2009

The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren

GIFT BOOK – Remember the reason for the season and go back in time to the most wonderful story of all – the birth of the baby Jesus. This book is enhanced with vivid photos explains how God designed Christmas to meet your three deepest needs and how understanding and receiving God’s three Christmas gifts to you will transform your life forever.

SMALL GROUP CURRICULUM AND DVD – The small group study guide and accompanying DVD cover three sessions taught by Rick Warren on why we celebrate Christmas and how it can change our lives forever.

Topics include:

1. Christmas is a time for celebration

2. Christmas is a time for salvation

3. Christmas is a time for reconciliation

Click HERE for more info.

Merry Christmas !!!

One Response to Small Group Studies: December 2009

  1. CHUCK says:

    I used the Purpose of Christmas book to do a small group study last Christmas. I also gave each small group member their very own copy of the book. Thanks Rick for writing it and thanks Saddleback team for supporting it and for all that you do every day to help us go deeper in our faith and to encourage us small group community leaders that somehow God has decided to use to reach and to support His people and to help them get to know God a little better and to enjoy what “community” is all about.

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