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This month’s resource is the website, This website is a direct link for ordering several excellent Small Group Tools such as:

Small Group Leader Training Kit – This is Saddlebacks Small Group Leadership Development Pathway.  The Small Group Leader Training kit will help you train your small group leaders to balance the biblical purposes from the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. This resource is designed for you, as the Point Person for the small group ministry. Inside this kit you will find everything you need to train Small Group Leaders at your church. All files are provided in electronic form so you can tailor the Leadership Development Pathway to your small group system with your logo, your information, your program.

Includes the following:

Leader Training 1: This is our foundational training, offered to every small group leader (Host) at Saddleback. It provides them with the basic training necessary to lead an effective small group.Leader Training 2: This is our continuing advanced leader training that begins with modules based on the five biblical purposes.

  • LT-2 Character focuses on the biblical character traits of leaders and how they intersect with your life (Worship)
  • LT-2 Skills teaches common skills needed to build a healthy small group community (Fellowship)
  • LT-2 Health focuses on how to build a healthy Purpose Driven Small Group that strives to balance and fulfill all five biblical purposes in small group community (Discipleship)
  • LT-2 Empower gives Small Group Hosts the vision and tools to mobilize their small group for service (Ministry).
  • LT-2 PEACE focuses on how small groups can be an instrumental part of the PEACE Plan (Evangelism).

Each training module in this kit includes:

Audio File

  1. Instructor Guide
  2. Student Guide
  3. PowerPoint
  4. File with transcript of the training.

Also included in this kit are the Spiritual Health Assessment and Spiritual Health Planner that are used in Leader Training 1.

Building Healthy Small Groups

What do you do after a churchwide campaign in order to build a strong and dynamic small group ministry?

This collection of four audio CDs is for pastors and small group point people. In it, you’ll get the answers the most commonly asked small group questions from pastors and leaders who have completed a churchwide campaign.

Each CD contains strategies, tools, and insights to help you harness the momentum of small groups that began during a churchwide campaign. As you emerge out of the whirlwind of the campaign, these CDs will help you as a pastor sustain the momentum of building a healthy small group ministry in your church. After listening to pastors around the globe who have completed churchwide campaigns, four questions quickly rose to the top: Where do small groups fit in my church? How do I set up a healthy small group structure? How do I turn Hosts into Leaders? How do I sustain the momentum?

If you have completed a churchwide campaign or are considering one in your church, Building Healthy Small Groups in Your Church is a must! This CD series is taught by Pastor Lance Witt and Pastor Steve Gladen Between the two of them, they have over 30 years of experience leading small groups.

Don’t Lead Alone What do you do after a churchwide campaign in order to build a strong and dynamic small group ministry?

This set of six CDs will give your small groups the empowerment they need to get everyone in their small group involved. This is the easiest way for groups to get every one of their members to “own” the group.

The small group leader listens to CD 1, then selects people within the group to whom to give each of the five “purpose” CDs. As each person listens to the CD given them, they get an idea of what God might do through them as they champion one of the biblical purposes in the group, and they are challenged to take on this important ministry function.

This CD set will absolutely launch your small groups into doing amazing things for the Kingdom.

This kit includes six training CDs, complete with pastoral instruction, practical examples, proven strategies, personal insights, and printed cards to help Small Group Leaders recruit and empower their group members to become purpose champions in their small group.

  • CD 1: An overview for the Small Group Leader on the Purpose Driven Small Group Model.
  • CD 2: An orientation for the Fellowship Champion.
  • CD 3: An orientation for the Discipleship Champion.
  • CD 4: An orientation for the Ministry Champion.
  • CD 5. An orientation for the Evangelism Champion.
  • CD 6: An orientation for the Worship Champion.

250 Big Ideas for Purpose Driven Small Groups

250 Big Ideas offers small group leaders 250 innovative and proven-effective ideas to help cultivate the five purposes in their small group: Fellowship (Creating True Community), Discipleship (Cultivating Spirituality), Ministry (Caring for Each Other), Evangelism (Communicating Christ to the World), and Worship (Celebrating our Lord).

When the group needs to grow in one of the purposes, the small group leader can simply flip to that section of the book and use any of 50 great ideas for that purpose to help stimulate growth in that area,

This book will give your leaders new tools to bring balance their small groups. Balanced groups are healthy. Healthy groups grow.

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