2010 Community U Small Group Conferences

 by Eddie Mosley

Saddleback’s Community “U” Purpose Driven Small Groups Conference will offer several options for Small Group Ministers/Point People and Small Group Leaders.

Community “U” offers three simultaneous tracks of training that begin all-day on Friday and continue through Saturday.

Prime Track – the original track for small group point leaders, teaching the principles of building and growing small group ministries that have proven so successful in churches around the world. We strongly suggest this track for point leaders who have not attended this track before or who would like a refresher or desire the optional (no additional charge) certification.

Advanced Planning Track – Takes small group point leaders, who have previously attended the conference, through a systematic planning process that will result in a 12-18 month plan for their small group ministry, completely contextualized for their church and their community. This track will provide more intensive training to help take your small group ministry to the next level.

Advanced Breakthrough ThinkTank – This is the track for ministry point leaders who have attended the original track and the planning track and are now looking for peer review and high-level ministry problem-solving with other point leaders. This structured “forum” environment puts leaders with other ministry leaders to work on persistently thorny issues in each church.

Saturday Host Gathering:  Concurrently with this great two-day conference for ministry point leaders, we also add great training for all hosts or leaders of small groups all day Saturday. Many churches bring all group leaders for this day only and use it as their annual kick off rally for small groups. The opening and closing plenary sessions are inspirational and instructional. During the two workshop sessions leaders can attend workshops on a variety of topics. We especially recommend Lyman Coleman’s workshop (takes both workshop sessions) which gives small group hosts or leaders great tools and techniques to quickly bind the members of their groups into life-changing community.

Registration information and locations are below.

Saddleback Small Group Regional Conferences

Small Groups Conference, Nashville TN April 16-17
Smyrna, TN
4/16/2010 – 4/17/2010
Small Groups Conference 2010 – Milwaukee, WI
Oak Creek, WI
5/21/2010 – 5/22/2010
Small Groups Conference 2010 – Los Angeles, CA
Irvine, CA
7/16/2010 – 7/17/2010
Small Groups Conference 2010 – St. Louis, MO August 20-21
St. Peters, MO
8/20/2010 – 8/21/2010
Small Groups Conference 2010 – Seattle, WA, September 24-25
Redmond, WA
9/24/2010 – 9/25/2010
Small Groups Conference 2010 – Washington, DC – October 15-16
Fulton, MD
10/15/2010 – 10/16/2010
Small Groups Conference 2010 – Miami, FL – November 5-6
W. Palm Beach, FL
11/5/2010 – 11/6/2010

Eddie Mosley is the Area Point Leader for the South which includes Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. He lives in Smyrna, Tennessee and is the Executive Director of Group Life for LifePoint Church.

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