Resources for you: Technology and Community

All of the links below were mentioned in Reid Smith’s article, “Technology and Community”.

Facebook social networking

Twitter social networking

LinkedIn professional network to exchange info and opportunities

Wisestamp customized email signatures for any webmail service

Skype free video calls (1 on 1) via your computer and webcam

Tokbox free video chat (up to 20 people) and video messaging

Wetoku video interviews that can be embedded into blogs

Google Video search and watch millions of videos

Free conference call 24/7 unlimited free conference calls

Call em all phone tree service enables you to make automated calls

Evite free online invitations and cards for holidays and events

My punch bowl free online invitations and party planning

Blogger free blog publishing tool from google

WordPress free blog site

Ustream broadcast live video or watch thousands of shows

Livestream broadcast live video

Meetup connects groups of people with shared interests

Google docs share documents online for group collaborations

Mail chimp email marketing service

You tube free videos

Flickr photo sharing

Photobucket image hosting, free photo and video sharing

YouVersion online bible study and community

One Response to Resources for you: Technology and Community

  1. Lynette B says: is a free resource for those who can not afford the expensive software to create PDF files to send with e-mails.

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