Steve’s Tips

by Steve Gladen

Looking for a way to promote health and balance in your small groups? Give them suggestions on how to balance the biblical purposes in their lives. Your groups will not only appreciate the suggestions, it will add a new dimension to their group life!

Fellowship – Always acknowledge your group members’ birthdays and anniversaries. Be sure that when people come to your group, you not only get their name, address, email address, and phone number, but you also get their birthday and anniversary (wedding and/or salvation). Save money by ordering birthday and anniversary cards in bulk form from a card catalog. A card in the mail or on their chair when they arrive lets group members know that their special day is special to you.

Discipleship – Set aside a specific Sunday for the whole group to practice the Sabbath. Let it be a day of total and God-focused rest. At the end of the day, gather for a relaxing meal – one with absolutely no agenda.

Ministry – Choose another church in your town to pray for – and then pray! Intercede for the pastor(s), the ministries, and the members and friends of that church. Then have group members sign a card letting the pastor know that your group spent some time praying for his church. What an encouragement that card will be!

Evangelism – In America, we don’t have to be missionaries to a foreign country in order to reach another culture. Other cultures often come to us! Contact a local college to find out if an international student needs a host home. Offer as a group to host a “Welcome to our Community” party for international students in the fall. If it goes well, you might consider having another open house at Christmas and during other breaks. Most international students don’t return home for the holidays. They are lonely and eager to make new friends.

Worship – Bring a poster board to your group meeting and together list truths about God and his wonderful character traits. Then spend time in prayer praising God for who he is.

Steve GladenSteve Gladen is the Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church.

For more tips like these read 250 Big Ideas for Purpose Driven Small Groups.

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