Top Ten Reasons to Attend our Small Group Conference – from Attenders!

1. You’ll learn how to use small groups to build spiritual health in your church and your community.

“The conference was my first Saddleback experience and I was not disappointed.  Every session and staff member demonstrated the purposes and heart of the leadership at Saddleback.  I could tell the ministry was all about people and helping them become spiritually healthy and not about building programs and buildings.”

“You might be interested to know that the group of 18 that we brought to the conference from Maryland back in February is still meeting together twice a month to pray for the spiritual health of our small groups, their leaders, and members.  This group fasts the day before we meet to pray each time.  Your conference had a significant impact on the spiritual lives of these folks.  It is interesting to note that the thing they all said impacted them the most were the members of Saddleback that were serving at the conference.  They were impressed with the ‘spiritual health’ of all of those people and the passion in which they pursued that health.  Speaking about the spiritual health of a local congregation, one of our attendees said, ‘I always assumed a church could either be deep or wide.  Now, I know you can be both!’  Thanks for sharing what God is doing at Saddleback with all of us.”

“After attending last year’s conference, I was drawn to the difference from the ‘others.’  Saddleback’s emphasis on the spiritual health of the group over form stood out. I wanted to expose our folks to that message.”

2. You’ll develop actionable plans for exponential growth that you can implement the moment you get home.

“Great conference last week.  I was challenged, encouraged and overwhelmed by all that took place.  Good planning and implementation.  I can’t wait to move my church to become a church of small groups.”

“The Small Groups conference was awesome; we learned a ton and have some good concrete plans to implement what we learned. We’re looking forward to next year’s conference.”

3. The Saturday “Gathering” for your small group leaders will get everyone in your ministry on the same page.

“The Saddleback Small Groups Conference really sparked a fire for me and my leaders.  For the first time, my small groups caught the vision for Purpose Driven small groups and even the ‘scary’ host home strategy.  My leaders clearly understood what would have taken me years of meetings to convey.  Now my team is energized and excited about tripling our groups in the next 12 months!”

4. The connections with other small group ministers will be invaluable.

“The Saddleback conference was a time to learn about Small Groups.  We came knowing that Saddleback would have the frontline speakers concerning Small Groups.  What we did not expect was to have so much in common with other attendees.  Most people there were struggling with the same issues we were.  We now have several fellow ministers/Small Group point people across the nation with whom to discuss issues.”

5. God will use it to rekindle your heart and your passion

“This conference was the perfect balance of learning environments – I was inspired and challenged in the large group sessions, I picked up several specific wins for our church in the workshops, and I had the opportunity to start and continue some invaluable ministry relationships in the lunch time regional gatherings!  Look forward to doing it again next year!”

“I was at the Atlanta conference last week and was so blessed.  Every session I attended was wonderful.  I thank God I was able to go and I feel so much more equipped to work with the groups in my church.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone!”

6. God will spark new ideas in you

“Thank you so much for a provocative, refreshing, and practical conference this week!  I didn’t realize how much I needed this event, but I am thanking God for his work through you to re-charge my spirit and stimulate fresh thinking!”

“You put on a great conference.  It challenged me, provided refreshment, and allowed me some creative thinking space…”

7. You’ll get new resources to build on.

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and the resources you and your team provided us at the conference.  Thanks for sharing them with churches like ours.”

8. You will get new ideas and new directions no matter where you are with small groups.

“I enjoyed getting to meet so many Sunday School leaders who are searching for a way to implement Small Group principles of community and relationship.  I was encouraged to see many leaders looking for God’s direction for their next step on the journey.”

9. You’ll gain eternal value.

“The general sessions and breakouts were well timed, informative and varied.  It was all a great experience and we gleaned a lot.  I believe the churches and ministries present benefitted from the event and eternity will bear that out.”

10. You will experience God’s power of renewal and persistence.

“I’m still on a spiritual high from attending the conference in Atlanta this past week!  You and your folks hit a homerun!!”

“Thanks for a wonderful conference.  We drove from Tulsa, Oklahoma to it and were thoroughly blessed.  I have taken to heart…”Don’t give up!”  That was on my mind this weekend.”

Three new reasons this year:

  1. Three tracks – Prime Track: get the essential foundation for successful small group ministry; Advanced Planning Track: you have attended this conference before and you’re ready to map out a 12-18 month roadmap for your ministry; Advanced Breakthrough Track: if you’ve attended previously, you plan every year but your ministry is facing thorny roadblocks that you want to chew on with other ministry leaders from around the country.
  2. Two CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits from Saddleback Church and Rockbridge Seminary at no extra charge (you will have to apply for it and successfully pass an exam after the conference).
  3. Seven locations around the country (Nashville, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Seattle, Baltimore-Washington and Miami) from April through November.

Did we mention, live, in-person teaching from actual small group pastors for two-days, at one of the lowest prices for any conference? Check out our 2010 Community U Conference now!

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