In 2006 God laid it on my heart to start a network for Small Group Point People. My first reaction was, No! Who was I to lead such a network? I didn’t have the time or resources, and I wasn’t even sure if there would be any interest.

At the same time, our small group team was looking at calls and emails to Saddleback, and three things became clear:

  1. Most of the people were volunteers, or if they were paid staff, small groups was just part of what they were doing.
  2. Most of the information they needed was foundational.
  3. When we would coach them to network with other churches, they didn’t have those outside contacts.

While I continued trying to ignore his prompting, God brought me back to my early days of ministry when I was the one calling Saddleback for help. How could I turn a deaf ear on all of the people needing help?

I launched the PDSG Network in 2007. It started out slow, but we were moving toward making sure that “nobody stands alone” ™ . The worst thing that could happen is for you to be doing ministry in isolation without others walking the journey beside you.

Today the PDSG Network has thousands of churches throughout the US and Canada.  It is managed through a volunteer force of 12 Area Point Leaders, 40 State Point People, 2 Province Point People and hundreds of Regional Point People all who are in the trenches doing the ministry and learning from one another!  Join us and make a difference!

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Steve Gladen
Pastor of Small Group Community
Saddleback Church

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