Writer’s Guidelines

We accept original material only, not previously published elsewhere, with few exceptions. Submit, via email, double-spaced articles to cheryls@saddleback.com. Our audience consists primarily of Small Group Point People who are responsible for the Small Group Ministries in their church. We DO NOT want general articles on small groups that would be of interest to Small Group Leaders or Small Group Members. We want articles on how to run a Small Group Ministry. Regular features include…

PDSGN NEWS – articles concentrating specifically on the Purpose Driven Small Group Network. These would include the latest in Network news as well articles on how to be a better Network leader/member. Answers the question – What is the PDSG Network?

FEATURE ARTICLE – monthly article of interest to Small Group Point People. General topic is how to run a small group ministry. Articles would concentrate on all relevant material under that topic. Answers the question – How can I run/organize a Small Group Ministry?

SOUL SEARCHIN – monthly article that focuses on how leaders/pastors may nourish their own souls as they oversee others. Answers the question – How can I feed my soul and stay excited about ministry?

Please submit short byline and  recent photo (head and shoulders) so that we may include them in your article should it be accepted.

The PDSG Network is a free resource, and therefore, we cannot pay for accepted articles.

Thank you very much for your interest.

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